Aquatics - Preschool

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Red Cross Preschool - Crocodile/Whale
Combined class (3-6 years). Must complete Sunfish or equivalent to register in this level.
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Red Cross Preschool - Salamander
Must complete Sea Otter (previously Own My Own Seaturtle) or equivalent. Age 3-6 years.Swimmers work on improving their front and back float and jumping into chest-deep water unassisted. Kicking is added to the front and back glides.
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Red Cross Preschool - Sea Otter
This is the first unparented preschool class. Age 3-6years Toddlers work on submersion, front and back floats and glides, jumping into chest-deep water with assistance, kicking on front and front swim.
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Red Cross Preschool - Sunfish
Must complete Salamander or equivalent to register for Sunfish. Age 3-6 years. Swimmers work on stroke and skills progressions.
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